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2017 KTM 390 Duke and 200 Duke to launch on 2nd February

The Austrian marquee, KTM is looking forward to launching the hugely anticipated 2017 KTM 390 Duke in the Indian market on 2nd of February along with its smaller sibling. There are still no words on the pricing yet but the new 390 Duke is expected to be around Rs 5,000 on the expensive side than the current ongoing Duke.


The new bike will be carrying a host of new upgrades which have been revealed already at the 2016 EICMA show in Milan. The plethora of new upgrades includes the all-new body design, new headlight, new meter console with smartphone connectivity, new ride-by-wire throttle response and a bunch of new features. The bike will also get a new side mounted exhaust unit just like previously seen on the new 2017 RC 390.

Talking about the new 200 Duke, the bike will be seen in a new design but with lack any new features such as ABS, Slipper clutch or new meter console. The pricing on the 200 Duke is expected to remain the same as the current ongoing bike. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the same.


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KTM Orange Day Delhi to be held on 24th November in Okhla

KTM is back again with the Orange Day and this time the event is scheduled for the Delhi city which is planned to happen at the Delhi Rides Water Park, Kalindi Kunj Park, Okhla Park, News Delhi. The timing for the event starts from 4:30 pm onwards. The event is exclusive only for the KTM 200 Duke and the RC 200 riders while the 390 owners cannot participate in the racing event. The Orange day comprises of various action packed events including racing, stunts, music events and bike service check-up camp as well.


The entry to the KTM owners is free and among which only 200 owners are allowed to register for the racing event. Non-KTMers are also welcome to witness the high energy racing event at the Orange Day. The company keeps on organizing the same in the various Indian cities including Lucknow, Mumbai, Kochi, Pune, Kolkata, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and many other places across India.

Both the RC200 and the 200 Duke shares the same engine and frame platform. This 199.5cc, single cylinder engine churns out 25bhp of maximum power and 19Nm of peak torque. The Duke is currently priced at Rs 1.44 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) while the RC 200 stands at Rs 1.60 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Meet the new 2017 KTM 200 Duke

The Austrian moto maker, KTM created a hurricane in the Indian motorcycle market recently by unveiling the all-new 2017 KTM 390 Duke a few days back at the EICMA. The bike has been given the similar designing updates as its bigger 390cc sibling.

From front to rear end, the bike has been transformed into an even more mean looking hooligan with new headlights, side body panels, fuel tank, tail section and more. The bike gets a new rear subframe and also a new engine cover sits below the bike. Unlike the 390 Duke, the 200 Duke doesn’t get the front LED lights. Apart from the all the 390 Duke based upgrades, the bike also misses out on TFT instrument console to keep the manufacturing costs into the limit.

Talking about the engine, the bike receives the same tried and tested 199cc single-cylinder engine delivering the 25bhp as before. On the other hand, the bike is now Euro4 compliant thanks to its new exhaust assembly. The bike is expected to launch in India by early 2017.

When launched it will take down its competitors like Benelli TNT 25, Mahindra Mojo and Royal Enfield Himalayan. Stay tuned to ACH for more motoring news.


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Video: Hear KTM 790 Duke’s sinister engine sound straight from EICMA

KTM came out with a slew of new model upgrades for the year 2017. So apart from the new 2017 1290 SuperDuke, it also showcased the all-new 390 Duke which will be available in India very soon. The 390 and 1290 models are available in the market from quite some time now, this time KTM decided to dazzle the bike enthusiast with their brand new twin-cylinder magic, the 790 Duke. We have already seen how the bike looks like. It’s time to listen to its twin-cylinder symphony. We managed to dig out a video showcasing the engine sound straight from the day it was unveiled at the EICMA. Enjoy the video!

More about the bike: it will run on an all-new LC8 engine that is expected to churn out more than 80 horses straight. It is also set to replace the world’s most powerful single-cylinder bike, the KTM 690 Duke. If you are waiting for the bike, you’d still have to wait for good 2 years to ride it on the Indian roads. Stay tuned for more updates.

Click here for full image gallery of KTM 790 Duke !

Source: Motorcyclenews.com

New generation KTM 200, 390, 800 Dukes to be unveiled today!

The Austrian automaker, KTM is planning to unveil is highly awaited new 390 Duke and 200 Duke at the ongoing EICMA motor show in Milan, Italy. The company has also made a microsite by the name Ktmdukes.com for live updates on the new bikes. For the moment the micro site is hosting just a single video clip which throws light on the upcoming bike from KTM. The video showcases a single bike with headlamps as seen on the new generation 390 Duke. Interestingly, the sound of the bike as on the microsite doesn’t feel like a single cylinder, and hence possibility is the new twin-cylinder 800 Duke might be unveiled first in the MY 2017 line-up.


As per reports, KTM is working on replacing the current generation Duke line-up with the MY 2017 models and the new models will come equipped with a host of updates from visuals to mechanicals. The 390 and 200 Duke will pack an all-new body and visuals, also the engines are said to be more refined than the previous generation bikes. The 390 Duke will feature an all-new LCD display unit and power modes. When unveiled we can expect the same models to be launched in India very soon.


Talking about the twin-cylinder 800 Duke, it will be a replacement for the current single-cylinder 690 Duke in the International market, but the sad part is it will not be coming to India, at least not for next 2 years.

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New generation KTM 200 Duke spied for the first time

Bajaj auto has been working on the new generation 200 and 390 Duke from quite some time now. We already spotted the 390 Duke quite a few times and now the smaller sibling of the same was spied real close taking a walk out on the asphalt.

  • What are the changes?

As expected the 200 Duke will receive all the visual updates as seen on the 390 Duke. From absolutely new headlight, longer tan panels redesigned tail light assembly and new subframe. The 200 Duke will be an all-new machine from inside out.


  • Is the engine new?

The bike will be propelled by the same 199cc single-cylinder engine as seen on the present generation 200 Duke. It will be tweaked for a smoother power delivery and better performance. The engine will also be BS-4 compliant and hence will meet the stringent emission norms. It churns out 25bhp of maximum power and 19Nm of peak torque.

  • What is the expected launch date of new 200 Duke?

The bike will make its way to the market in the March 2017, it is possible that Bajaj will launch the same around AutoExpo 2017 as well.

  • What is the expected price of the new KTM 200 Duke?

The present KTM 200 Duke is priced at Rs 1.45 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the new one will be around 1.50 Lakh, not more than that.

Source – OverDrive

BMW G310 R vs KTM 390 Duke – Spec Comparison!

Indian motorcycle market is slowly getting on the top gear, especially in context to the 200cc-400cc segment, not above that as we really have nothing when compared to the international market in middle-weight segment. We are talking about some really capable machines today, possibly some very satisfyingly fast motorcycles, which are accessible to a colossal audience in India.

It is a segment which for the first time will serve as an arena for two brands, which are the world apart in terms of class and character. Best product from one fights against the rock-bottom of the other. And who would have imagined a few years back that Bajaj Pulsar will be comparable to one of the BMWs, this soon? But that story is for another day as the orange monster is screaming out loud to take on the newest member of the fight club, BMW G310 R.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Both the motorcycles stand in a segment which is largely dominated by the Duke. And why not? It is a brilliant value-for-money proposition, it has an explosive power-to-weight ratio, and has got looks of a mean hooligan, and well this tag has been used a lot for the KTM so I’d rather prefer it to be called as an ET, a good looking one. That is correct, KTM 390 Duke is, in fact, a great product, but we expect it is going to face some serious heat within the market from motorcycles which might not be as poised as itself but are still a big terror for the Austrian street fighter.


Looks –

KTM is easily the loudest, more aggressive and perhaps the most easily recognizable of all due to the fact that it is dripped in orange from inside out. Some might like this, while some might prefer the subtle, more balanced looks of the G310 R. It flex muscles adequately and carries fit and finish worthy of BMW badging. Fit and finish on the KTM is definitely not bad, but the ones who have had a chance riding the BMW suggest it is better on the latter. Its front golden forks delineate the upmarket character of the BMW, while KTM’s WP don’t look bad either. The 390 Duke like all other KTMs out there has a very sharp, edgy and loud styling while BMW looks fresh, mildly aggressive and still a good looker. KTM has a very unique, sharp and minimalistic design while BMW looks more premium, but nothing like we have not seen before. Counting second opinions, many looked amused by the BMW, on the other hand, a larger set of audience preferred KTM in terms of looks alone.

Winner: KTM.


Engine –

Both packs a single-cylinder powerhouse, but KTM has a significantly more powerful and a higher capacity engine. KTM 390 Duke comes powered by a 375cc liquid-cooled engine that generates a tremendous 43bhp of maximum power at 9,500 rpm and 35 Nm of the peak torque sits at 7,500 rpm. On the other hands, BMW G310 R packs a 313cc engine churning out 34bhp of max power at 9,500rpm and 28Nm of peak torque comes at 7,500rpm. Both have a 6-speed transmission.


BMW G310 R will have to fight it out with the 2017 Duke 390 which is expected to carry a host of mods including new bikini fairing, smoother and more powerful engine, new power modes and new LCD display meter with smartphone connectivity. How will the G310 R fare against that? We are not sure on that part.

It is for sure that, providing a ride as thrilling as the KTM will not be a child’s play for BMW. Nor does it have that much power and neither does it weighs as less as its counterpart. Riding the 390 feels like hanging on to the saddle for life as not for a single second the monster feels at peace. Restless it is, made to do just one thing- run like a gun. Anything said in favor of 390’s engine and the ride will be less, so even in this category 390 takes the crown and it does that will all the authority.

Winner: KTM.


Features and Equipment –

The BMW G310 R will have to compete against the latest generation KTM which is expected to be out around May-June next. The KTM will host a sea of new features from power modes, new LCD display with smartphone connectivity, slipper clutch, ABS and much more. On the other hand, BMW only comes with ABS and heated hand grips (optional), and so KTM again has an upper hand in terms of features and equipment.

KTM’s plus points over BMW?

  • Power to weight ratio and looks.

BMW’s plus points over KTM?

  • We hope the German marquee to launch the same at a very affordable price tag, so affordable that it makes the Pune based automaker re-think.
  • Also, we expect TVS’s after sales should be more satisfactory when compared to Bajaj’s.
  • Since its introduction, KTMs have been highly infamous for engine heating and other minor issues related to the electronics. Many have reported coolant leakage in under 5000kms of bike’s purchase. Also, some of the minor issues related to electronics and alloy wheel quality have surfaced in past time. On the other hand, time will tell what G310 R will offer in terms of durability and cost effective maintenance, we can only hope that it’s better than the KTM.


Expected launch date and price of the BMW G310R?

While the bike is already launched in the UK market, we expect it to reach the Indian shores by January next year. In order to take on the competition effectively it should not cross the price tag of Rs 2 lakh, as there are already many options present in terms of KTM, Bajaj, Kawasaki and more.