Videos: 5 Bad overtaking Indian road accident videos that will make you puke your guts out

Car driving is risky especially in a country like India where the road rules are never really followed like they should. At some places, red lights are only meant to be jumped which are the main reason for most road accidents in India, and some drivers make a mockery of the system by installing illegal modifications on their cars and bikes. We have listed down some Indian road accident videos in the story below that will give you an idea how dangerous our roads turn out not only for bikers but also for car drivers.

  1. Overtaking gone horribly wrong:

Your heart will start beating out of your chest after going through the 1st video in the list. The video showcases a small hatchback trying to overpass a trolley from left side. The car comes from the left and without judging the distance immediately turns right. And since the reaper was flying right on the head, the car gets sandwiched between both the trucks. The video suggest that there were clearly no survivors left in the car.

  1. Do not overpass without looking what’s ahead:

The video blow clearly demonstrates why overtaking without looking might not be the best idea. The Royal Enfield rider in the video is looking like riding without paying much attention on the road. The guy overtakes a front vehicle from the right, and immediately regrets seeing an oncoming vehicle (which anyways is driving in the wrong lane. Things could have turned up to be much worse, but by God’s grace, the rider survives while zipping into the slight gap between both the trucks.

The video also shows why Indian roads are the worst when it comes to safety.

  1. Blind overtaking can be fatal:

The next is again a bad case of blind overtaking, in the video below the two bike rider tries to overtake a bus turning right. As soon as the bus is turned right, the bike along with one of the riders gets crushed beneath the front tyres of the bus. In this case, both are at fault since clearly the bus driver turned right without signalling, while the bike rider is at fault because he tried to pass without paying attention to possibility of bus turning right.

  1. Video teaches what water-logged roads deadly:

The lorry driver charging in pace from behind ignore waterlogged surface ahead of him and due to aquaplaning loses control of the vehicle. As soon as he jumps into the water, his vehicle gets deviated towards the divider and slams the car in front of it. Thankfully, the accident doesn’t seems to be a deadly one, and all the people involved might have walked out of the vehicles with few bruises and scratches.

  1. This car driver gives the worst example of distance judging:

The Bajaj Dominar rider seems to riding in his lane minding his own business, on the other hand, the Hyundai Getz’s driver looks in a hurry. The dash mounted cam why Getz’s driver is completely noob as he rams the Bajaj rider down when going for a bad overtaking attempt.

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