UM Motorcycles makes the ugliest copy of KTM 200 Duke, calls it Xtreet 250X

UM Motorcycles have been known for launching some funny bikes in the past. Some of the products like the Renegade series have taken serious backlash for its build quality and some other issues. The company recently launched the Renegade Thor which was marketed as the first geared electric bike of the world. Well, we seriously have no idea who would want to ride a bike like this that looks like an abandoned elephant baby. But anyways, the company recently showcased the new Xtreet 250X and with a mere glimpse of the bike, we felt unsure if UM Motorcycles is a US based country or a China-based. The new Xtreet 250X is one of the worst copy jobs you would have ever seen on a motorbike, and we don’t think anybody in the room will disagree to this.

The baby 200 Duke runs on a 199cc single cylinder liquid cooled engine, while this third copy utilizes a 223cc single air-cooled engine which puts out close to 16.5bhp of power. It has the same trellis frame design, tank, engine belly pan, seats, and tail section as well. Things were ok until the UM designers added something that they themselves designed, the head, now the bike looks like the outcome of the love affair of a KTM and a Hero Xtreme 200, no, seriously. And why on Earth would somebody want to buy this?

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The company is already selling the same product in countries such as China, where intellectually property laws are weaker than ours. And thank god, this little ugly alien won’t come to India.

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