Man burns to death after his bike catches fire post falling in open manhole

In a highly tragic accident, a 27 years old, gym trainer name Mohan Rathod from Ulwe lost his life after falling in an open manhole. As per reports, Mohan was on the way to home from the gym he used to train at. After falling in the manhole, his motorcycle caught fire and engulfed Mohan in flames. What’s even more saddening is the aftermath of his death, leaving behind his wife and 1.5 years old daughter.

Senior Police Inspector Smita Jadhav of NRI police station said, “Rathod was riding his bike and was on his way home in Ulwe. Suddenly his bike fell into an open manhole and the petrol tank of the bike went up in flames. In a few seconds, Rathod’s body sustained severe burn injuries which led to his death.”

death by accident in open manhole

Our Question to the system:

This is not the first instance of somebody losing his life due to such a deadly case of negligence, this time it was Mohan, next it can be anyone. When will this stop?

The CIDCO contractor who was responsible for maintaining the road might be arrested but will surely be discharged soon on bail, lessons learned? None!

Will this ever stop?

Let alone this case, even big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon have thousands of open manholes which are trouble for everyone on the route. Daily commuters surely know or have learned over the period of time, how to avoid daily manholes, but at the same time, such manholes are a bigger trouble for the newbies learning to ride or drive and even strangers taking these routes for the first time. In most of the cases, people are hurt badly and in others like this one, they end up losing life.

It will carry on until the system changes their rules and punishments for such lethal mistakes.

Please ride safely.


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