Yamaha FZ250 vs Bajaj Pulsar 200NS FI vs KTM 200 Duke, specification comparison

Yamaha recently launched its first ever quarter-litre naked street bike in India, the FZ 250. The bike has been launched at a fairly good price point of Rs 1.19 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The bike as revealed by Yamaha Motor India generates about 20 horses of maximum power and 20Nm of torque. The bike derives its power from the 249cc, oil-cooled, single-cylinder engine that is higher in terms of displacement when compared to both of its counterparts. As opposed to the KTM 200 Duke, the Yamaha churns out 5.3bhp less and when compared to the Pulsar 200NS FI, the bike delivers 4bhp less.


john-abraham-yamaha-fz250-photos3-750x430In terms of looks, the bike gets a brawnier appeal and has been designed quite aggressively. It carries forward the same FZ series legacy as and derives many design cues from the smaller FZ 15 and the internationally seen Yamaha M Slaz bike. When compared to the KTM and Bajaj, the front gets ET design which is considerably fresh in its segment. While the KTM has a more mature design, the Pulsar 200 NS FI doesn’t look bad either. It’s only after the bike makes its way to the streets that closer details on the bike will be out.

Since the bike has been launched at a very affordable price tag, it is expected to gain a massive popularity in this segment since there is no news on the launch of the Pulsar 200 NS FI. KTM, on the other hand, is the most premium of them all and will cost you a fortune in case you are looking forward to it. It also has the most bang for all the money that it asks as matching up to its performance and zest is not an easy task.


The Yamaha FZ 250 comes with a diamond frame, while the KTM 200 Duke comes with a trellis frame, on the other hand, the Pulsar 200 NS FI has a perimeter frame. KTM has the most aggressive power to weight ratio, not just in this comparison but even above its segment. While Yamaha has managed to keep the weight under check as the FZ 250 weighs little over 147 kgs. While the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS FI is the heaviest among these all. When talking about the fuel carrying capacity, it has a 14-liter fuel tank which is 4.5 liter in excess to the Duke and 2 liters more than the Pulsars’ tank, so yet again Yamaha proves the practicality element of its products.


Yamaha has been making fairly comfortable, practical bikes according to the Indian standards and hence FZ 250 is expected to be no exception. It will obviously be more comfortable than its Austrian counterpart while matching comfort level with the Pulsar 200 FI, as the latter is said to provide a decent plush ride.

What the FZ 250 misses out when compare to the rest two are a gear and at least 4 horses. While it manages to offer fuel-injection like the rest two, dual disc brakes, aggressive looks, and rest among with Yamaha’s trusted technology and reliability at a fairly affordable pricing. Stay tuned for more such information from the motor world.

Note: Pulsar 200 NS FI launch date, Bajaj is expected to launch the Pulsar 200 NS FI by Mach 2017 at a price tag of Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom).


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