Have you checked this new modified Maruti Baleno from Bengaluru yet?

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno has already been one of the nicest looking cars in the Indian market but MotoTrendz, the Bengaluru located firm has modified the car to look much better. The car gets a wrapped roof, pillars, spoiler in gloss black and the car now also gets an aftermarket grille and a front splitter eliminating all the earlier chrome details on the car. The also received 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped with wider rubber that takes the jaw-dropping looks of the car to a whole new level. Apart from the rest, it has been added with a panoramic sunroof as well. But the best modification among the rest is that the front passenger and driver doors have been chucked and new scissor doors sit the place of the old doors.


Talking about the interiors, the car gets a dual tone treatment of black and red. The front seats have been swapped to replica Bride racing bucket seats while the music system has been given a tweak as well. While on the performance part, the car comes with K&N air filter and a custom FRK full exhaust system. While the rest performance parts are stock. Stay tuned for more such updates!


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