Bajaj Auto to sell Husqvarna motorcycle from Probiking dealerships

The Pune-based bike maker, Bajaj Auto went into a partnership with KTM a few years back that is garnering profit for both the Indian and Austrian companies. Some time back, KTM bought Husqvarna Motorcycles and decided to manufacture the same under Bajaj’s plant in Chakan. As per earlier reports, these bikes will make it into the production by late 2017 or early 2018 and when launched the bikes will be sold through Bajaj’s pro-biking showrooms which also happen to retail both KTM and Kawasaki motorcycles.


You must already be aware by now that the company will be making two bikes including the 401 Vitpilen or the 401 Svartpilen. To limit the manufacturing costs and price, the bikes are being developed on the KTM 390 Duke platform, sharing the same engine and the frame. These bikes will face a very stiff competition from the Royal Enfield bikes and also the newly launched Bajaj Dominar 400. When launched Husqvarna bikes price in India should start at least from Rs 1.70 lakh. Stay tuned while we bring you more updates on the Husqvarna motorcycles. Also, comment in the section below to let us know your views on the above report.

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3 thoughts on “Bajaj Auto to sell Husqvarna motorcycle from Probiking dealerships”

  1. Hey,
    I have been an ardent fan of Husqvarna Motorcycles for a long time.Even though this is brilliant news for the fans of this Littleton known but might brand, I would think a multiple times before going for a European bike made from the bajaj stable and that too using the KTM engines,which is not what the bikes actually run.And moreover this is just an exercise for Bajaj for that matter even TVS and other brands manufacturing foreign brands in India to get the technology and launch a bike.with similar specs and substandard parts(which has already been seen in KTMs).
    That being said, if the 401 are being sold for around 1.7lakh I would expect a lot of these beautiful radically designed bikes to end up in the junkyard after greusome crashes.
    I’ll be stoked if majority of the people who buy it would even know that this is a 100 year old company which was bought by MV Augusta and later incorporated into the BMW Mottorad (2 wheeler segment) and had engines built around that.Forget that it would be fun to watch people pronounce the name.
    FYI It’s pronounced Whos-kavana(with the first a silent).


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