High-speed superbike crash in Kerala, 1 dead, 2 injured

Bike riding is dangerous, especially in a country like ours where people break rules for fun, call police officers ‘Thullas’ and where passing a driving test is easier than passing a 1st-grade exam. We have a very bad road sense or I’ll say we don’t have a traffic sense at all and look at our roads, it is much better to cycle than to avoid stray animals relaxing on mid highways.


In a recently reported accident involving two superbikes and a Maruti car, one of the riders lost his life after his bike smashed into the car. The Kawasaki Versys 650 rider succumbed to the injuries on his way to the hospital while the Daytona rider and the car driver got severely injured but survived the accident.


While no one really knows what happened, few reports suggest that the car driver took a sudden U-turn in front of the bike riders and as a result both the riders collided into the car. The images reveal how strong the impact must have been as the car can be seen badly thrashed while the bikes are torn apart as well. We offer our condolences to family and friends of the Kawasaki rider.



3 thoughts on “High-speed superbike crash in Kerala, 1 dead, 2 injured”

  1. Yes indian roads are deadly…not because of the poor cows ,potholes….bla bla…..but because of stoopid indian juntas mindset driving as if the road is theirs….driving liscence is so easy to get…..no checks at all…gawars get lisc without knowing shit abt driving….wat do u expect….imm surethe bikers were following rules…and the stoopid car driver fuked up…..god bless the soul of the versys driver.rip bro.this aint no country for bikers.


    1. YOU are absolutely right my friend but that doesn’t justify that what the fuck is a cow doing in the middle of the road
      Aisi koi baat mai gau rakshak baju mai baithe rehte hai
      Utter bullshit


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