No more ‘Liquor’ on Indian National Highways

Indian Government has recently passed a new law which will ban all the alcohol sale done on the Indian National Highways. This move has been taken to lower down the number of growing accidents on highways due to driving person under intoxication. Under the new law, all the alcohol shops which are currently in operation on any of the Indian National Highway will not be able to renew their liquor license post 31st March 2017.


Also, Supreme Court of India has ordered to get their banners and hoarding removed on an immediate basis. The alcohol banning order has been passed by three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice, Mr T S Thakur. The order apart from banning alcohol from highways, also sayss that alcohol shops are now inoperable within 500 meters range of a National Highway. This way, they won’t be visible to the highway travelers.

Justice Thakur said – “We would not like any vend on national highways, state highways, advertisements, or signage about the availability of liquor shops. All signboards should be removed. Roads should be absolutely free from any distraction or attractions. Visibility is the first temptation.”


Stay tuned for more updates!

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