Safest cars in India under Rs 10 lakh

Safety is the most important aspect of a car for many. Most of the high-end cars are made to be very safe but what about the budget cars that majority of the Indian population actually spend their bucks on. So today we list down the best safe cars that can be bought if you are running on a tight budget. We will tell you about the NCAP safety rating of each car we add to this list.

VW Polo

Volkswagen is one of the manufacturers that put special stress on the safety of its cars. It is also the manufacturer that started offering basic safety kit even in the base/starting versions of the cars. The VM Polo is certainly one of the safest cars you can buy if you are running tight on a budget. The car scored a 5-star safety rating in the Euro- NCAP safety tests. It had 90% score for adult occupants and 86% for child occupants. It is offered with two airbags even in the base version, while the top versions come with ABS and EBD. A strong assuring “thunk” noise is heard while shutting the doors and that’s enough to say how German this car is. Volkswagen Polo price in Delhi starts from Rs 5.5 lakh.

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Ford Figo

The second gen Ford Figo gets nicer than it already was. Ford Fido is the only hatchback under Rs 10 lakh that is offered with 6 optional airbags. While that safety feature list also includes EBD and ABS. Apart from that, the automatic variant of the car also includes traction control and hill start assist safety feature. While it shares all these features with its sibling, the Figo Aspire. The Ford Figo price in Delhi starts from Rs 4.50 Lakh.


Ford EcoSport

The American car manufacturer, Ford have set really high standards in terms of safety inside its cars and that’s why it equips its cars with many world class safety features. The EcoSport is a highly famous compact SUV by Ford and apart from its strong performance, its high safety is also one of the reasons why it is so many. It scored 4-star safety rating from Euro NCAP. It has an amazing 93% for occupant’s safety while safety for children occupants inside Ford Ecosport stands at 77%. It is offered with safety features like six airbags (optional), Emergency assistance, EBA, ESC, TCS along with hill launch assist (on the automatic). The Ford EcoSport price in Delhi starts at Rs 7.10.

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Honda Jazz

The ASEAN NCAP rating for Honda Jazz stands at 5-stars while the car offers 87 percent safety for occupant & 71 percent safety for the child occupants inside the cabin. Talking about the safety features, the car gets 6 optional airbags exactly like the European version. The Honda Jazz price in Delhi starts at Rs 5.60 lakh. The car is built using Advance Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure which makes it one rigid vehicle which doesn’t compromise in terms of safety.

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Fiat Punto Evo

While other cars on the list had to go through a lot to pass the crash tests. The Punto brand has been doing the same from quite a lot of time. Made from the iconic Italian marque, the Punto EVO is undoubtedly a safe car drive in. Its high tensile steel body is made to make the car as safe as possible. As stated on the Fiat website “its airbags open up in two stages, the first one juts out on impact while the seconds opening stage eases on causalities.” It is offered with ABS, EBD, and two stage driver/front passenger airbags. Its sedan cousin, the Linea shares the same features and safety. The Fiat Punto price in Delhi starts at Rs 5.85 lakh.

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