5 solid reasons why Royal Enfield motorcycles suck

We probably will be called idiots for writing out such an article which criticizes a legendary motorcycling company like Royal Enfield straight on the face. But are we the only one to do so? No! As we have come across many people already who want to share their ‘Not so good’ experiences of owning a Royal Enfield and here we will tell you 5 solid reasons which make these motorcycles an agony.


  1. Pathetic after sales services

It’s not new, it’s known to everybody. Royal Enfield doesn’t really care about after sales services as much as other brands of its class do. One time or the other, parts will fell off the bike and if you visit the service center with one problem, you will come back with 10 more. Riders generally rely more on private service centers rather than Royal Enfield’s own service stations.

Royal Enfield has been selling motorcycles in such big numbers that it, of course, is becoming a pain for the brand to manage everything at one place. Also, a major part of brand’s revenue is generated straight from service and spare parts and now you can easily figure out why these bikes need servicing so often.

  1. Big engines, puny power

These are big bikes with big engines and what does they churn out? Well, not enough. Its most advanced 411cc engine as seen on the Himalayan only makes 24bhp and 32Nm of torque. Well, okay let’s not count the power figures but still torque figures too are low when considering the size of the engines these bikes utilizes. Leaving aside the figures, the sprint time from 0-100 is nothing sort of fast. These bikes are big, bulky and lazy, which can only be enjoyed on long open highways rather than twists and turns.


  1. Vibrations too high

These bikes are good to ride only in a specific rpm band. A Royal Enfield will treat you well when cruising anywhere at speeds between 40km/hr to 80km/hr. Ride too slow or ride too fast, the vibrations from the engine will shake you from head to toe. In some bike likes Bullet 500, Electra and even the Classic 350, the vibrations at the handlebar really take a toll and that makes harder to see anything in the rearview mirrors. The vibration level is sorted a bit in the Himalayan but in other RE bikes, it’s unbearable.

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  1. Too loud

The RE bikes are made to be loud and distinctive right from their standard form but most of the RE owner’s mentality is ‘mine is louder than yours.’ and that’s the agony. Some exhausts on these bikes are modified to an extent that they can be clearly heard from miles, and trust us as we say this ‘we hate those people with such dumbass exhausts.’ Generally, all muscle bikes are made to be loud and distinctive, but other bikes sound too sweet to be questioned. Have you heard anyone saying this Harley sounds terrible? or that Bonneville is a pain to ears? Definitely no, because they don’t suck. They sound incredibly good. On the other hand, a modified Royal Enfield will make you regret god gave you ears.


  1. Stone age technology

The RE bikes that are still on sale today, uses the same stone-age technology they were built on decades ago. The most recent technology Royal Enfield gave to its bikes is a fuel-injection system. Even after paying close to Rs 1.5 lakh average on a Royal Enfield you don’t even get an ABS and that is quite depressing. Let’s just compare a KTM 390 Duke and a Royal Enfield Continental GT café Racer.

The 2017 KTM 390 Duke comes with ABS, Slipper Clutch, Fuel-injection system, ride-by-wire technology, LCD display with smartphone connectivity and yes power modes as well. And the most costly Royal Enfield, the Continental GT Café racer? Well, yes it has the fuel-injection system and everything else is marked NO for the GT. While the KTM is only Rs 20,000 costlier than the Royal Enfield’s flagship bike.

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7 thoughts on “5 solid reasons why Royal Enfield motorcycles suck”

  1. Es verdad yo le agregaria un numeral 6
    6. solo venden ilusiones y el marquetin iluso de que quieren decir que son inglesas,, es por menos decir una estupidez, es una moto lenta mala, que vibra como chinesco, y a mas de eso su servicio de pos venta como ya lo indicaron vale cero ,que el piloto disfruta? cual ,,esta moto terminan vendiéndola perdiendo mas del 40% de su costo,, y tan solo con 5000 km de uso,, te vendieron propaganda y compraste una maquina con extremo sobreprecio y lo mismo están haciendo con el modelo Himalayam ,,mucha montaña, mucho rally ,,pero nunca .nunca una comparación,, con otra moto del mismo cilindraje,, o menor pero de otra marca la pulsar 200,, le deja el polvo,, y siguen con la cantaleta, de que es una moto para caminos secundarios,si tu quieres viajar de una ciudad a otra debes ir por carretera y no a campo traviesa,, no creen amigos

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Geting good after sals at Highten Automotive, Faridabad
    Vibration doesn’t matter
    Stone age technology is way people buy it
    Big engin- but sufficient for indian roads
    But quality of parts sucks


  3. I think the article is written with hatred, People love the sound of RE,Yamaha RX series those are legendary vehicles, not only RE, other brands also have pathetic authorised service centres like TVS,Honda,Bajaj,etc,……!!

    RE is for Cruising with constant speed
    It’s a classic vehicle


    1. “Classic” as in selling stone age tech for current money? For the spec you get, you may as well paying with ancient coins. Constant speed is impossible nowadays. Even on interstate highway, there are congestion to be found, and RE is a definition of motorcycle from hell. It’s going to fit in with Harley really well, a gang of misfits in modern days.


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