Video: Watch what happens when cars crash head-on at 120km/hr

It’s always fun to watch crash videos and especially the ones with car wreck flying up in the air. The crash video below has been posted by Nissan which shows the crash testing of two Nissan cars including the Nissan Versa (also famous by the name Sunny  in the Indian market) and the second car is Tsura (sold in Mexico).


Companies crash test their vehicles in all possible forms to squeeze out all the possible information they can to make their cars safer. The cars in the video below have been crashed at 80 mph or near about 128km/hr.

Most of the Indian highways have a maximum speed limit of 80 to 100 on the national highways, so from the video, you can easily figure out what can happen to your vehicle if you crash at even 20km/hr more than the safe limit.

Drive safe and avoid hitting the illegal speeds on public roads. Stay tuned for more updates like this.


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