You better not drive on high beam in China!

Who knows it better than the ones who had to drive on daily basis at the night time, the oncoming traffic with high beam on is a driver’s worst nightmare. The high beam from the oncoming traffic temporarily blinds a driver’s vision and that may prove to be fatal in worst conditions. China police have found a very interesting way of penalizing such drivers who keep their headlights on the high beam.

Shenzhen Roads at night!

Apart from forcing a penalty of 300 yuan or USD 44, the rule breakers are made to sit in front of a car and forced to stare at the lights for about a minute. The cover photograph shows this unique way of teaching such drivers a lesson with this new kind of punishment by China police. This photograph was posted on by Shenzhen Traffic Police’s official Weibo account with a caption “Tonight we are carrying out punishments using a high beam.” With over 87,000 likes and 93,000 shares, the post got viral within an hour and received mixed responses from the crowd.

Why is driving on high beam so offensive?

It is indeed very dangerous because it temporarily blinds the oncoming traffic and that may result in road accidents.


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