20 vehicles pile-up into each other on Yamuna Express Way

We all are aware of the alarming air pollution levels risen in Delhi recently. The Diwali celebrations this year left the national capital region in a thick layer of smog which still persists after 4 days of Diwali.

Image from the past incident

As per reports, over 20 vehicles were piled up recently after smashing into each other on the Yamuna Express Way near Noida. Thankfully there were no casualties, and only some of the people were reportedly injured. The Yamuna Express Way connects the National Capital Region to Agra, and many similar incidents like this have been reported in the past. In January this year, a major accident that led to the pile-up of over 50 cars resulted in one death and left many severely injured.

In a recent incident, five cars banged into each other on the Delhi-Noida-Direct or DND Flyway a day after the Diwali celebrations.

We urge to people traveling on this highway in the winter time to drive as slow as possible, as visibility drops to a minimum in this season. Stay tuned!



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