Energica to introduce an electric scrambler at the upcoming EICMA?

The highly famous electric motorcycle brand, Energica is looking forward to introducing a new bike concept at the upcoming auto show, EICMA 2016 in Italy. According to the company, the new motorcycle will be an evolution of all the technology and design that has already been adapted by Energica over the year. The company also says that the new motorcycle will be in lines with the latest trends in the motorcycle industry. As per latest trends, scrambler and adventure bike market is on the rise and hence we can expect an electric scrambler from Energica in the upcoming years.


In the line-up of Energica, naked (Eva) and a supersport models (Ego) models are already present and hence it makes sense to launch an adventure or scrambler bike in the market. The chances are high that the upcoming concept can be a scrambler because an adventure bike needs a super massive range and sadly electric bikes haven’t reached that level to match the distance range of adventure bikes.

It is only when the EICMA opens up, will we get to know the next upcoming model from Energica. Stay tuned to ACG for further updates on the same.


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