You won’t believe how a con man stole an Audi Q3 from a second hand car dealer

A con man, posing as a professional doctor, drove away with an Audi Q3 after cheating a second-hand car dealer in Hyderabad. On 30th October, a 36-year-old man introduced himself as Gowtham Reddy, a doctor working at Apollo Hospital. He approached one of the second-hand car dealers in Hyderabad and showed his interest in buying one of the luxury cars from Audi.


Banjara Hills Police Inspector K Srinivas, explains how it all happened, “He then took an Audi Q3 worth about Rs 25 lakh from the dealer’s office for a test drive. The showroom owner gave the car and sent along with him one of the showroom staffers,” the officer said.

“They drove up to Apollo Hospitals where the accused asked the showroom staffer to get down so that he can take the car to the hospital and show it to his friends. Afterward, he drove to the hospital and never returned,” the police official added.

The price for the luxury SUV from Audi, starts at Rs 25.49 lakh while extends up till Rs 38.40 lakh. The variant of the stolen car is still not confirmed but stay tuned to ACG for further updates.


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