Meet the kid who made this car using nothing but YouTube videos

19-year-old Prem Thakur from Kharghar, Maharashtra, has built a car from scratch using nothing but the knowledge that he gathered from watching Youtube DIY (do-it-yourself) videos. Prem, son of an autorickshaw driver, Kailash Thakur, is a student who was always fascinated by machines and electronics but ended up opting commerce because he feared engineering would be too difficult to handle.


“I took up Commerce as I was told by my friends that engineering is difficult but now since I have realized my passion, I think I should take up engineering from next academic year.” said Prem.

Prem utilized an engine taken from a family owned car (Hyundai Accent), while built the whole car’s frame and body on his own. “I bought materials from various places like Taloja steel market, Crawford and some I bought online. I used heavy pipes to build the outer body of the car and then covered it with using fibre material.” said Prem.

It cost him more than Rs 2.5 Lakh which he borrowed from his family and some amount he saved plying auto when his father wasn’t. He built the entire car in just four months and has even packed his car a music system and front LED lights.


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