RTO made his license in 2 hours after he used the word ‘RTI’ agianst them

We have all faced certain delaying issues when going up for a license or any other document to be made at the government offices. Recently, a very interesting instance was posted by a Facebook user named Prathana Unkalkar kaul. As he was traveling in a cab, he got into a conversation with his cab driver named Mr. Tirthanand, who then told Mr. Prathana about the drama he is going through just to convert his driving license into a smart card. Even after going to the RTO office more than 40 times, they always send Mr. Tirthanand back by saying admin madam is on leave, RTO is on leave, some holiday etc. Even after 40 follow-ups, his work was getting continuously delayed.

Mr. Prathana suggested him to Call RTO complaint number or call the place where he has been following up and use RTI word in his next follow up discussion and even if it doesn’t help then actually file an RTI application asking about the matter.

Mr. Tirthanand in conversation to Mr. Prathana, “All thanks to your RTI, I just informed them that I would file RTI and got my license ready “within 2 hours”. Never expected my work would be done so fast. Thank you so much”

RTI stands for Right to Information.

Source : The Logical Indian



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