Meet the Pulsar 200 NS who wanted to be a Kawasaki Z1000!

The Bajaj Pulsar 200NS has been one of the most famous Pulsar ever produced. It revolutionized the Indian motorcycle market for being a brilliant value for money product and for being the fastest Pulsar yet. When launched the bike was well praised for its peppy acceleration and stunting abilities.


As reported by MotoSaigon in Vietnam, this specific NS 200 has been modded from the skin to bones to look like the Kawasaki Z1000. Also as claimed by MotoSaigon, the engine in this specific bike has been upgraded to a 350cc engine, well we aren’t sure how true is that claim.


The output figures are yet to be known on this one.

  • New LED headlamp.
  • Trident logo between the headlamp and restyled wind deflecting visor.
  • Fatter rear tyre which is now 180 section, the standard one gets 130 mm.
  • Austin Racing aftermarket exhaust.
  • Brembo brake callipers.
  • Honda Grom sourced instrumentation.
  • Clip-ons replaced for a handlebar.
  • New front brake and clutch levers.
  • Restyled pillion seat and tail section.
  • Altered rear suspension.

The Pune-based automaker is in talks for launching the fuel-injected version of the same soon. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates.



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