Kerala designer transforms a Mahindra Bolero to a Mercedes G-Wagen

The workhorse from Mahindra, Bolero has been gorgeously transformed into the utilitarian vehicle from the Mercedes-Benz, the G-Wagen. Well, the work has been carried so fine that it is rather very hard to tell if the transformed vehicle really was a Mahindra Bolero once. The modification job has been carried on by R&T Auto Catalyst which is based in Kerala.


Since Mahindra Bolero is already a boxy car, similar to the Mercedes G-Wagen, the main transformation was done only to the fabrication of new body panels. Starting from the front, the whole bonnet, grill, bumper and fenders were pulled out and replaced with the ones replicating the ones on a Mercedes G-Wagen.


The horizontal LED bar below the headlamp was also replicated, as seen on the G-Wagen. It is only the car presence that can indicate there is something not right about this specific Mercedes G-Wagen. As seen in the picture, the car looks absolutely classy, none less than the original but its only when it stands next to the Land Cruiser, it reveals that it is indeed smaller than the real G-Wagen.

Even the designer has added the flared wheel arches, side board just like Mercedes that gives the final touch to the exteriors of the car. While in the interiors, the car has been spruced up to match with the over-all Mercedes class. Talking about the engine, the car still runs on the same 2.5 liter turbo diesel DI engine. It will of course not produce the melodic V8 burble sound as heard from the original Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Stay tuned for more.



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