Speedbreakers prove to be a headache for a Lamborghini drive in Bangalore

Superbikes in India are rather easy to own as they do not bother much on the high-speed breakers or in traffic jams. But the case is totally opposite when it comes to supercars. As we have one of the worst roads present in the world and also the traffic sense in India is not of a very high standard. There was a special drive event organized by Lamborghini Bangalore recently, the event was attended by 18 Lamborghini car owners. Thanks, to our speed breakers the Lamborghini car owners had to forcefully take their cars the off-road way around to dodge the speed breakers. Doing the same created a huge traffic jam on the road that is very clearly visible in the video below. The ground clearance on the Lamborghini’s lies somewhere around 135mm, which can be raised to 170mm when needed.


Why supercars cannot be driven on Indian roads?

  • We have badly designed speed-breakers and potholes make the things worse.
  • The roads are narrow, and road sense is bad.
  • Since supercars are not really seen often on roads, people get really excited and starts following whenever a car is seen on public roads which lead to a huge mess.
  • Dust and dirt make driving and maintaining supercars a hell of a task, as these cars need daily maintenance and dust often clogs the radiator system or creates issues with fuel-injection of these hypercars.
  • Water logging is one of the major issues in a country like ours and as these are cannot be raised above 170mm, they end up being struck and badly damaged.
  • Lack of proper service and spares availability is also one of the major reasons why a supercar owner feels driving in India is a hell of a task.
  • Traffic rules are a joke even in some major cities and that make the things worse.

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