Jawa motorcycles to be brought back by Mahindra

Mahindra Two Wheelers (M2W) has been seen struggling in the motorcycle segment for quite some time. The company introduced the might Mojo 300 quite some time back and that has been doing just okay in the Indian motorcycle market. The company recently took a historic step by taking over BSA Motorcycles. Mahindra also made it official that the company will be cutting down operations in the commuter segment and hence Centuro/Pantero/Gusto can remain low for time being.


The good news is that Mahindra will be starting off with an all-new line-up for Jawa and developments will start from scratch. The neo-retro line-up will be manufactured at Mahindra’s facility in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh.

When will it make it to production?

We can say we are ages away from the real production versions of Jawa’. It will take atleast 3 years for the company to come up with something that can be showed to the world.

Both BSA and Jawa bikes will feature no Mahindra co-branding, and will be sold through a separate dealer network.


One thought on “Jawa motorcycles to be brought back by Mahindra”

  1. Wow I’m a lover of Jawa, the last of my kind to enjoy those beauties unlike any of the bike of today, roadgrip 100% breaking amazing – confident level 100%.
    I really love those babies,pride when you ride one of those beauties.
    I would really love to join this company because it’s gonna be 100% hot hit but three years is kind of too long but it’s coming awaiting with a smile to ride miles.


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