BMW GS 310 spied in Germany

Few day back we reported the upcoming BMW GS 310 was spied getting tested and the same has been spied again and a new clearer image has surfaced the internet recently. This time, the bike was spied on German roads. It was also seen having a luggage box attached to its rear which indicates that the same will be offered as an aftermarket accessory. The bike is very much clear in the new image and the new spy shot delineates all the visuals in details.


What’s different in the G310 R and the GS 310?

Both the bike are obviously different in terms of visuals and function. The G310 R is a street naked bike that has been designed specifically for road usage. On the other hand, the GS 310 is designed for long distance traveling a minor off-road as well.

Both the bikes have different suspension set-up while the frame and swing arm unit remains the same. What is also similar in both the bikes is the 313cc single-cylinder engine, long elongated single seat, brakes, and the all-digital LCD instrumental panel. The company might offer different seats when the final production avatar of the GS 310 comes to life.


When will the GS 310 make it to India?

As soon as the bike is launched in the international market, say mid-2017, the bike will surely be headed to the Indian market.

What price?

Even the street version (G310 R) is yet to be launched in India and expect a 20K plus sticker price on the adventure version of the same. Roughly it will be launched at Rs 2.40 Lakh in the Indian market.



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