Eighty-Seven bikes owned by Robin Williams up for charity auction

Robin Williams was known to have an obsession for bikes, he was often seen zipped in his skin-tight spandex riding down the bay area where he lived. Eighty-seven bikes once owned by late actor, Robin Williams are set to be auctioned for charity and is expected to bring $200,000 to auction at Paddle 8.


According to a report published on Mashable, the bikes set for auction were donated by Robin’s children, Zack, Zelda, and Cody. They said in an interview, “we hope these bikes will bring new owners as much joy as riding them and helping these causes, always brought him.” They said that their father loved gearing up in his tight bike suits and paddling down the bay area where they lived.

The bikes up for the auction include a unicycle, a child’s Schwinn cruiser and a handmade “Responsorium” by ace bike builder Dario Pegoretti. The money collected from the collection will benefit the Christopher & Dana Reeve foundation and the Challenged Athletes foundation, two of the favorite charities of Robin Williams.

He is still making people smile, even after he is gone.



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