Kawasaki delivers bikes to 13 troubled customers trapped in SNK Palm Beach case!

Remember the big controversy surrounded the Japanese automotive giant, Kawasaki, when the Navi Mumbai dealership (SNK Palm Beach) failed to deliver bikes ever after taking full payments from the customers. The Japanese brand called out lawyers from Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited (KHEI) who investigated into the matter for 2 dedicated months. After a series of long legal battles and horrendous media coverage, the issue finally got solved as Kawasaki took serious steps to solve the matter as soon as possible.


Initial reports suggested that there were 3 customers that were affected but as the matter was investigated, a total of 13 customers were found at fraud by the SNK Palm Beach dealership. Out of which, 11 were Mumbai-based customers while rest were Pune-based.


Following motorcycles were booked and are now delivered as promised by Kawasaki India.

  • One Ninja 1000
  • One Versys 1000
  • Nine Z800, and
  • Two ZX10R

Later, SNK Palm Beach dealership was terminated by Kawasaki India after being found at fault. Stay tuned for more such updates from the automotive world.


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