Volvo cars will talk to each other, very soon!

The world renowned auto manufacturer is leaping ahead in future by equipping its models with car-to-car communication technology. The best part is, it is not very far away as the car maker will be ready by this tech until the end of this year. Volvo will join the list of auto manufacturers after Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to become the third company to offer this tech in its cars.

The company shared a glimpse of this technology during the introduction of the V90 Cross country car. The same model from Volvo will be the first in the grid to receive this technology, followed by other Volvo cars such as all the 90-series models – S90 , V90, and XC90.


What is this technology all about?

  • Volvo working with Swedish telecom company, Ericsson has co-developed this system. This car-to-car communication system is fully cloud-based which requires an active internet connection to be able to function at all times.
  • This tech enables two cars to communicate or exchange information, hence notifying the drivers about the road conditions ahead.

Can we expect it in India?

Yes, as soon as the latest Volvo models are introduced in the country.

Stay tuned as Autocargurus brings you more updates like this.


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